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Top best sex positions for big girls

Big girls can also enjoy of amazing sex with no insecurities. Learn the best sex positions for big girls, and surprise you man tonight!

The best sex positions for big girls

Enjoy of your sex life with no insecurites.

These positions will optimize your time in bed, making you and your partner enjoy more of sex. Get rid of your insecurities and learn these new sex positions made for big girls, they will make you feel more comfortable while having sex. You will get less tired and enjoy more. Check them out.

Doggy Style:

Get on your knees with your hand on the floor while your partner is behind you.  This is a very classic position and works perfectly for big girls.


This one is not only a sex position but a cuddling technique. Lie on one side with you back pressed against your partner’s front. Your bodies need to be pressed together or of you prefer, separated with just the pelvises connected, your legs can rest in top of each other. Try to lift your upper knee to allow easier penetration. This is one of the basic four sex positions. This is one of the best positions, for him to reach your G Spot! Have fun!


This is one of big girls’ favorites, is the all times classic, but it can be kind of tricky for big girls. Just lay back and let him do the entire job in top of you. Just relax and enjoy! This position will increase his chances of reaching your G spot.

Stand and Deliver:

This is a very versatile position, most big girls avoid it because it requires you to be standing up, but is one of the best for larger ladies! Stand on your tip toes and use a piece of furniture to lean against, he can grab you onto the back of your thighs and hold them against his hips, lifting you up and pushing you back. This position satisfies you, just as the missionary sex but adding a sexy twist to it. It’s also perfect for a quickie.

Side Wind-her:

This position will let you enjoy while your man does the complicated work. Lie on your side and raise your top leg, keeping your bottom leg straight on the bed. Your man straddles your bottom thigh and hugs your raised leg as you rest your calf on his shoulder. Once he enters you, have him wind and whirl his hips as he thrusts for maximum pleasure. This position guarantees 100% ecstasy and satisfaction.

The most important part to enjoy each of these positions is self-confidence, feeling comfortable with whom you are, and loving your body will take you sex life to another level. Enjoy!


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Top best sex positions for big girls