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The best sex positions to try for Valentine's Day 2015

Looking for something sexy and different to try on Valentine’s Day? Check out the best sex positions to try with your valentine on 2015!

The best sex positions to try for Valentine's Day 2014

Try your favorite sex postiion this Valentine's Day, ot try them all!

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love with the person you’re with, and what about celebrating it with a romantic night full of love and of course sex? We are going to show you some of the most romantic positions to try with your valentine.

Take note of each position, choose your favorite or try them all!

Sex positions for Valentine’s Day 2015

  1. Face to face: This is one of the most romantic positions in the Kamasutra, it involves a lot of foreplay, the man is on top and with free hands to stimulate the woman’s breast and other areas that will make the intercourse more intimate and enjoyable.
  2. Face to Face, girl on top: This is another version of the face to face, you can alternate positions between this one and the first one, making sure you both enjoy, when you are on top you can have more control over the rhythm and the penetration, what makes it perfect for a change on Valentine’s Day.
  3. The Medusa: This position offers a lesson on both love and balance. It starts with the man squatting on the floor, using only his feet for balance. The woman then straddles him, allowing penetration. The movement is described as a back and forth rocking motion, similar to that of a hammock. There is also a variation on the movement, where the motion is described as rather stationary until the woman is ready to orgasm. If you can nail this one you receive bonus points for balance and pleasure!
  4. Edge of heaven: The man sits on the edge of the bed, with his legs down on the floor. Then you shuffle into his lap and onto him, with your legs resting on the bed, while he either holds your hands to stop you tipping backwards. Now you can start moving as fast or as slowly as you want. This one is great for deep penetration, and mind-blowing orgasms!
  5. The Sensual spoon: Lie on your side with your guy behind you. Keep both of your torsos in this doze pose and lift your top leg. Have him shift his lower body into a half-kneeling position, entering you from behind. He has free hand on these positions so he can stimulate other areas like your breast or your clitoris while penetrating.

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The best sex positions to try for Valentine's Day 2015