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Best songs to dedicate to your dad! Father’s Day Playlist

Get ready to surprise your dad on his day! Check out this Father’s Day playlist and sing along with your dad dedicating and enjoying these beautiful songs!

Best songs to dedicate to your dad! Father’s Day Playlist

Lets celebrate does heroes, that wake up every day giving us protection and security. (photo Pinterest)

Father’s Day isa very special day,  we need to celebrate does heroes that wake up every day giving us protection and security. This is a playlist of classic inspiring songs and some contemporary you can dedicate to your daddy. You can also make a mix tape with this wonderful selection. Enjoy!

1. The Best Day by Taylor Swift: This song describes a relationship of love, trust and the whole definition of parenthood. Perfect to dedicate to a father that has always been there!

2. My little girl by Tim Mcgraw: This is a father & daughter classic for first dances, but is also a sweet lullaby from father to daughter, listen to it to get it inspired on father’s day!

3. Daddy Dance with Me by Krystal Keith: This is a song from daughter to father on her wedding day, dedicate this to you dad and dance with him!

4. Hero by Mariah Carey: this is a song dedicated to all the real heroes that fight for their family every day. Perfect to dedicate to that brave warrior on father’s day!

5. I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith: This one is another classic that reminds us of the emotional scene on the film Armageddon, it’s a lullaby from a father to a child.

6. Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks: This song describes the feeling of the broom when finding out the amazing relationship between his fiancé and her father. It can take you back to all the childhood memories between you and your dad.

7. Anything Like Me- Brad Paisley: This song describes the reaction of a father when he fights out he’s having a son. Funny and touching!

8. Because you loved me by Celine Dion: Perfect to a dad that has inspired you and supported you through everything. Remember he was the first man that made you feel like a princess.

9. Red Robin by Clark Richard: This is the cutest father & daughter song. Is a n anthem that describes a little girls growing up in the eyes of his father. True father love!

10.  Molly Smiles- Jesse Spencer: This is the final sing from Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning’s film “Uptown Girls.” IS a beautiful song from a father to a daughter!

We hope you liked our selection of songs if you have any suggestions please feel free to share with us!

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Best songs to dedicate to your dad! Father’s Day Playlist