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Date: 2013-07-05 19:35:17 By: Cinthya Lara Via: starMedia

List of celebrities who have destroyed their looks with drugs

Check out the celebrities that have destroyed their looks and careers by abusing drugs and alcohol.

List of celebrities who have destroyed their looks with drugs

Lindsay Lohan's face has bloated because of her abuse on cocaine and other substances. (photo AP)

Popular celebrities have destroyed their lives by consuming drugs, starring from ruining their faces and changing their behavior.

  1. Lindsay Lohan: This popular child star went from being a gorgeous Hollywood hottie, to a reckless celebrity in the spotlight of mockery and rumors. Her face has bloated because her abuse on cocaine and other substances. She has been arrested several times.
  2. Macaulay Culkin: Another child star popular for the classic Christmas’ flicks “Home Alone,” has been having problems with addictions for a long time. He looks old and sick; he is rarely seen in public.
  3. Courtney Love: This American singer has been very open about her addiction to heroin, ecstasy and cocaine even during pregnancy. Her change in looks includes bloating and premature aging.
  4. Mischa Barton: Known for starring Marissa at popular teen drama “The OC.” The starlet has gained weight and destroyed her former appealing looks by abusing of cocaine and constant partying. She hasn’t appeared in any other productions after being hospitalized for psychotic behavior.
  5. Whitney Houston: The late diva lost a lot of weight due to drug problems and a toxic relationship with Bobby Brown. She admitted her addiction to cocaine and died from accidently drowning for drug abuse in 2012.
  6. Kate Moss: After being the most popular supermodel, the gorgeous blonde ruined her career and looks due to her addiction to cocaine and tobacco, ruining her teeth and skin.
  7. Amy Winehouse: the English soul singer struggled with drugs since the beginning of her career, ruining her looks completely by mixing hard partying with cocaine, ecstasy, ketamine, heroin and alcohol. Her toxic lifestyle killed her in 2011 at the age of 29.
  8. Amanda Bynes: The child star denies the use of drugs, despite the notable change on her behavior and looks. She shows drug paraphernalia and cheeks’ bloating from her abuse to cocaine; she was also kicked out of her house for abusing on marihuana.


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List of celebrities who have destroyed their looks with drugs