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Date: 2014-01-23 13:59:52 By: Cinthya Lara Via: starMedia

Justin Bieber masturbates in jail cell

Reportedly Justin Bieber got caught masturbating on his jail cell during his stay on Miami's prison after DUI arrest. Read for details.

Justin Bieber masturbates in jail cell

Justin Bieber masturbates in jail cell hoax picture (photo: Twitter)

A hoax picture of a CNN post has been leaked online affirming Justin Bieber was charged during his stay in jail for masturbating inside the jail cell.

According to the fake news Justin Bieber has to pay $25,500 after getting caught masturbating in jail cell. The picture is clearly retouched from the original news CNN posted regarding Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest and real bail of $2,500.

Did you believe this fake news?


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Justin Bieber masturbates in jail cell