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Earthquake was registered in Rome
Why does Tim Miller left Deadpool 2?
José Fernández had a smell of alcohol after boat crash
New MacBook Pro will have a touchpad on the keyboard
Work environment may moderate menopause symptoms
Smoking raises brain-lining hemorrhage risk more for women

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Stolen base at World Series means free tacos at Taco Bell
Israel condemns new UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem
ABBA members to launch new digital experience next year
E-cigarettes could be used to help combat obesity in smokers trying to quit: study
Angelina Jolie faces anorexia?
Muslim businessman sued a Connecticut yacht alleging discrimination, racism and bigotry
Artwork stolen off wall at Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky
2 Ugandans arrested demonstrating for Trump at US embassy
Artwork stolen from Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky

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Babies should sleep in parents’ room to help prevent sudden death
Secondhand smoke linked to higher risk of stroke
Teenage weight tied to odds of diabetes-related death decades later
Jay Cutler, Bears quarterback, recovered from a thumb injury and will play against the Minnesota Vikings
Figure skater Scott Hamilton diagnosed with 3rd brain tumor
Ben McAdoo, Giants Coach, said he doesn't know if the team will keep Josh Brown

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(Video) Jean-Claude Van Damme supports Donald Trump as president
Oxford says Shakespeare will share credit for Henry VI
¿Taylor Swift has a romance with Ben Affleck?
Warner Bros. promises previously unreleased Prince music

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Russia launches new nuclear missile called Satan 2
Airbus will introduce flying taxis in 2020
Nintendo increased its stock market value after the announcement of Nintendo Switch


UN calls on US President Obama to release CIA report
FARC prisoners in Colombian jails begin hunger strike
Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Sparks Protests
44 Arrests During Ferguson Protests
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