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Scientists discover the presence of active Zika virus in urine and saliva
Rihanna will perform at the Grammy Awards 2016
Ashley Cole was presented with LA Galaxy
Apple will accept your damaged iPhone
CDC widens Zika guidelines for pregnant women
Pregnancy Pro: The First Pregnancy Test That You Can Connect With Your Smartphone

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Manziel's agent drops quarterback after police inquiries
Canada eases sanctions against Iran
Ai Weiwei wraps Zodiac Heads to protest migrants' condition
WATCH: Clinton and Sanders, first one-on-one debate
Howie Kendrick and Dodgers finalize $20 million contract
Brazil confirms Zika spread via transfusion
Matt LeBlanc will join BBC's Top Gear
Apple to pay $625.6 million in patent case
Panthers will win Super Bowl 50 according to an ape

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Healthy brain is linked to active sex life in old age
Posting selfies may doom your relatioship
Brazil leader vows to win war against Zika-carrying mosquito
Manuel Pellegrini begins long farewell at Manchester City
Johnny Manziel close to be fired by the Cleveland Browns
5-year-old Afghan boy will meet Lionel Messi

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Pussy Riot releases new video mocking Russian prosecutors
Lady Gaga will sing the anthem at Super Bowl 50
Lady Gaga will perform tribute to David Bowie at Grammys 2016
Model drops sex abuse lawsuit against Bill Cosby

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Russians go spacewalking to collect spores and seeds
Europe and United States reach new data-sharing agreement
NASA creates an animation that lets you explore Ceres


UN calls on US President Obama to release CIA report
FARC prisoners in Colombian jails begin hunger strike
Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Sparks Protests
44 Arrests During Ferguson Protests
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